Where to start??? 

Vacation time with kids is a double edged sword for most parents.  School is out and we’re happy that we don’t have to deal with the morning routine that is a staple of our lives 10 months out of 12 but what to do with grumpy kids who are easily bored? I have a 13 and an 8 year old. Not only do I have to consider their age difference but I also have to take into account their character differences and their divergent interests and tastes. 

First things first:

Start by grabbing their daily school routines… Yep, and if you don’t have a printed one, ask your kids what they do at school every day.  The more specific they are the better. This will give you a head start into building a daily vacation routine. You should only use that as a guide. Please please please, don’t forget it’s vacation time, this should not be strict at all but it should give kids direction and boundaries. 

Ask them what they would like to do during this period and write it down. By now you should have enough information to start building your kids’ vacation daily routines.  One tip: if you want to make your life easier, try to find activities that all children can enjoy together (if you have more than one child in the house). Trust me, it’s possible to find common ground despite the age gap. It’s all about dialogue and compromising.  

When it comes to waking up time, you decide.  I have a rule, never too early and never too late. During the school year my kids wake up at 7a.m., during the school break even though they still wake up early they hardly sleep over 9h30.  I’ve heard from parents whose kids go to bed super late and as a consequence wake up after 11a.m., not allowing enough time to enjoy the day. As an example, their vacation schedule should go like this : lazy wake up, toilet, eat breakfast, brush teeth+wash face+get dressed, play time (at home play, ride the bicycle outside, go for a walk, arranged play-date), lunch time, down time (watch tv, read a book), eat snacks, school exercises, take a bath, night time reading, go to sleep. 

Enjoy your Vacation!