Many scientific studies have been conducted on the impact of a cluttered home on our lives, but I’m not here to talk about the science behind it.  In fact, this article is about my personal experience and findings, either my own, or from friends, family and clients. I’d like to write about people who surround us every day, me and you also for that matter.


I firmly believe that a clutter free space goes a long way in helping us live a more productive/creative, serene and enjoyable life. In a nutshell, decluttering contributes to the general happiness of people working or living in that space. In this consumerist society, we are all constantly bombarded with especially conceived ads aimed at convincing us to buy the latest and best. It is very easy to fall prey to these marketing ploys, in particular the ones among us who have emotional buying behaviors often triggered by past events or difficult times in their lives. The risk of losing control and “suffocate” is very real. Even people who own fewer things can sometimes find it hard to keep them organized and spaces neat.  


The most common symptom of being disorganized is the feeling of overwhelm: The verb overwhelm is defined in the dictionary as the state of being buried or drown under a huge mass of something. To overwhelm is also to have a strong emotional effect on, according to the same dictionary. A natural response that comes from feeling overwhelmed is powerlessness. Feeling unable to act upon something. Clutter can actually have this paralyzing effect. Add to this our everyday issues and problems and you have yourself brewing your own internal perfect storm which often translates into an inability to keep track of what you have and keep them organized.


Most people think organization is something natural and is essentially easy. They are absolutely right but it takes effort and time to construct it. Organization requires the right mindset (emotional decluttering is a topic I will address later) well thought-out systems and methods. Once you have these key elements in place, it becomes easy peasy lemon squeezy. Don’t let yourself be convinced that it is too hard or that you will never be able to “get there”. All of us can do it with a little help. Having the will to change is a critical first step in taking back control of your life and your own space. Organizing is a process which once completed is rewarding and beneficial to all facets of your life. Now close your eyes and say it with me:

Today is the day I take back control;

Today is the day I bring changes to my life;

Today is the day I become who I’ve always wanted to be.